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3 Steps

There are 3 steps to Ascension:

The first step is to Acknowledge your Creator. The particles that make up your soul are on loan from your Creator. They belong to your Creator and all that is being asked is that you acknowledge that relationship. That is All.


The second step is to clear all of your negative karmic past and there has been a single command that has been authorized by the Karmic board to enable this clearing to be done. That command is held by certain Beings who use it in their teaching and healing work. With time it will be taught to others and activated for others to bring this forth so all of humanity that chooses to participate in Ascension will have access to this command.


The third step is to rejuvenate the physical body. This might sound quite extraordinary from where you look at life in this moment, but there in truth have been many beings who've lived very, very long lives, even in the current consciousness. And before "The Fall" in Atlantis, the physical body did not age. Yes, it suffered from the impact of uncleared karma and every five years all returned to the Temple Beautiful for karmic clearing and to rejuvenate the physical body. But in truth it didn't age the way it ages today. So returning to a youthful state is really not so strange. It just seems so strange within your current consciousness. 



And the reason for these last two is because there is a need to establish a level of perfection within a given level of consciousness before moving onto the next. It is just something which is required before Ascension upon this planet. It is a law of the cosmos. It applies to all beings who are transitioning from one level of consciousness to the next. It is just that there's been a special way established to do this because of the difficult circumstances upon this planet, due to the intermingling of the light with the dark. And so there are the three steps.


Wiley Brooks, Breatharian