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The Cicada

By Brandon Dey

''Cicadas are the longest living insects on the Earth, which immediately cause them to be an obvious and appropriate symbol of longevity in animal totems. This and Rebirth are the most common themes associated with the musical cicada, and these symbols are interpreted as highly personal. They speak to individuals directly, not only through their song but in the messages that their lives send.

Cicadas as spirit guides aid in the development, recognition, and emergence of the self throughout the various phases of the life cycle.

They have a long and transformative life cycle themselves, which is why they are associated with the past and present, metamorphosis, reincarnation and change. Their appearance and calling may come later in a person’s life, after a period of isolation and seclusion, just as this insect experiences in nature.

After staying underground for much of its life, the cicada insect breaks free and loses its shell. This serves as a direct calling to people who need to come out from hiding and break free of the restrictions that you put on yourself – “to shed your skin”. The Cicada symbolism shows a person’s ability to deeply reflect and be reborn as a new, better individual who can express him/herself honestly.''

Brandon Dey