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A $500.00 32oz bottle of this Elixir can transmute the harmful effects of enough regular city drinking water to fill-up a regular home-size swimming pool.  (All other bottled waters sold today are contaminated).  One drop of the "Elixir of the Gods" is enough to transmute 5 liters of commercial bottle water. 

The $100,000.00 32oz bottle can transmute enough water to supply a city the size of Los Angeles or New York City. 

The students who complete this workshop will be the spiritual leaders and teachers of the New World. This New World is a physical place vibrating at the higher spiritual  frequencies of pure Diamond and Gold and volcanos are the the breathing portals for the 9th dimension environment which protects the 5th dimemsion Earth from radiation poisoning.  In this new world the human bodies will breathe in the natural gases of nitrogen,sulfur, lithium and Ozone.   The basic building materials for the new human body are GOLD, PLATINUM, PALLADIUM, RHODIUM AND OSIMIUM .  If you do not have these precious metals in your blood stream and you are not able to breathe in an environment of pure sulfur, lithium, nitrogen, and ozone you cannot and will not survive the intense heat generated by the light of  the Ascension or Immortallity (Fountain of Youth) frequencies.  Nearly all edible products available today and all living environments are contaminated with high levels of this pain and fear producing radiation.  This unnatural energy was first introduced into the 3rd dimension atmosphere by nuclear weapons testing and usage; and radiation leaking into our ground water from the many nuclear waste stockpiles around the country and the World.   Chemtrails and the deadly process call oil-fracting are the greatest contributors of them all. The "Elixir of the Gods" is the only product that can transmutes the ill-effects of this deadly concoction of radiation and nuclear waste/ fallout.  

Wiley Brooks