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Wiley's ''Trial by Fire''

From his 2012 web update


The photos below are just a few of the photos I was able save from my "Trial by Fire" experience. The most telling ones were on a cell phone I had to throw away because of the incredible amount of pain caused by the electro-magnetic energy generated by the phone. (All cell phones generate this same energy). This deadly energy got even stronger after turning off the phone and removing the battery. I could still feel the signal up to 5 miles away, so I had to go back and find the phone and literally break it up in small pieces because I could still feel the connection to the phone when passing within 5 miles of where I had thrown it away. 

 The 2 photos to the right are pictures of my inner thighs.  These were taken two weeks after the "initiation by fire" but the burning pain in this area of my body (including my upper body) was actually getting worst.  It was so bad I had to check into an emergency hospital for help, though I knew they wound not be able to find the cause and that they would not believe that this was caused by burning from the inside out.  So they were no help at all. 

I later discovered to my surprise that it was the clothes I was wearing, (which were all made of cotton) that was preventing my skin from healing.  As a matter of fact the cotton material, as well as all other cotton materials, such as bed sheets, pillows, coverings, mattresses, undergarments, including walking on carpet and hardwood floors and even being around natural plants were making the burning pains much more acute.  So I had to buy all polyester materials, which included a polyester sleeping bag which I had to used for sleeping on tile only.  This meant spending the next year or so, sleeping on a 3 feet by 12 feet strip of tile floor in my polyester sleeping bag in the kitchen part of my studio apartment in Phoenix, AZ.

After the initiation the skin becomes the main source for breathing and any material covering the skin but polyester blocks the absorbing of the true "Breath of life" which is nitrogen, not oxygen.

Before you can withstand the amount of heat (fire) generated by this Ascension initiation process your blood stream must have already been converted to a type of gold bio-plasmic liquid light. Therefore replacing the iron that is normally found in the blood.  A body that still contains blood cells with iron will not be able to survive the heat (wall of fire) that protects the entrances, portals, vortices  and stargates into the 5th Dimensional Worlds.