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What do you really


by Brandon Dey, from the Teachings of Wiley Brooks  

What do you really Know,

first hand?

How much of what you think you Know, did you hear from others who heard from someone else, some so-called truth?

When we rely on what we knew, only one moment before this One,  we begin to live in dogma and the Mind of a Child is lost to the dull fictional non-reality of the known.

This is why Divining is so important. 

A pure divining system embraces the spirit of discovering the Love of God that is Everywhere 

More than anything else, Dear Soul 

Here's a question for you:


How much fun can a game really be, with no rules? Or better yet, what good are rules if there are no consequences to breaking them? 


When We set up this Cosmic Game for the Gods, here on Gaia, do you think we set up parameters and rules so that we could have the most fun?

If you've ever seen children on a playground, you know that without rules and consequences for breaking them, there is complete chaos.

The rules provide structure that children thrive in and within the rules there is great FREEDOM.


It is much like this in Life. 


There are rules but most of us don't know them.

There are consequences for breaking these rules but without the information of what the rules are, it's virtually impossible to see that we are suffering the consequences for breaking them. 

In the olde worlde, you could have your cake and eat it too. This was the case even if you took this cake from someone else!

In this New World, you get to make your cake and eat it, too. You eat yours, and I'll eat mine.

This is Justice and it will lead to Freedom.

Do you see the paradigm difference?


Brandon Dey